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    Episode 1 : The Strangest Day
    Episode 2 : The Sohma Curse
    Episode 3 : All Shapes And Sizes
    Episode 4 : Here Comes Kagura
    Episode 5 : A Rice Ball In A Fruits Basket
    Episode 6 : Invincible Friendship
    Episode 7 : A Plum On The Back
    Episode 8 : Don't Cry, For The Snow Will Surely Melt
    Episode 9 : A Solitary New Year
    Episode 10 : Make It Clear If It's Black Or White
    Episode 11 : Everybody Loves Chocolates
    Episode 12 : White Day
    Episode 13 : A New School Term Starts!
    Episode 14 : The Adult's Episode - Yuki's A Messed Up Snake!
    Episode 15 : There Are No Memories It's OK To Forget
    Episode 16 : If We've Three Then We Don't Need To Fear Jason
    Episode 17 :It's Because I've Been Loved That I've Become Stronger
    Episode 18 : The Strongest Tag - The Cursed Electric Wave Brother and Sister
    Episode 19 : The Source Of Cheer Can Be Affected By Colds, Too!
    Episode 20 : Ayame's Secret Life
    Episode 21 : Sophist Boy Has Captured The Prince
    Episode 22 : Prince Yuki Fan Club
    Episode 23 : Is the Rumored Ri That Mother's Daughter?
    Episode 24 : The Curse of the Cat
    Episode 25 : True Form
    Episode 26 : Let's Go Home

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    Episode 1 : The Strangest Day
    Episode 2 : The Sohma Curse
    Episode 3 : All Shapes And Sizes
    Episode 4 : Here Comes Kagura
    Episode 5 : A Rice Ball In A Fruits Basket
    Episode 6 : Invincible Friendship
    Episode 7 : A Plum On The Back
    Episode 8 : Don't Cry, For The Snow Will Surely Melt
    Episode 9 : A Solitary New Year
    Episode 10 : Make it Clear if it's Black or White

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    enter fruitsblogsket, where blog meets fruits basket, one of my favorite anime titles. FruitsBlogsket is my personal fansite dedicated for Fruits Basket. You'll read my blog, find avatars, wallpapers, read the Sohma diaries, discover what Tohru and the Sohmas are doing and many more. Fruitsblogsket is an experimental fansite. Feel free to check the site.

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    diary : webbytalks
    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    A lot of people don't know but I've started blogging since 2000. A lot of people also didn't know my old hairstyle. Anyway, I started making webpages in my father's office, exploiting, I mean... utilizing their DSL connection for my own benefit... I mean... my future development. I used Yahoo's Geocities[dot]com for making little webpages. Ever since then, I started getting the hang of it. Afterwards, I started blogging right when I was about to graduate from sixth grade.

    I think I already wrote an entry about this-- in Studentlife.

    I created studentlife @ blog-city[dot]com. It was my official homepage. It's about my misadventures from my high school life, from Pampanga High School. I now realized the challenge of high school. It's a totally different experience. I found everything harder. Even lunchtime was hard.

    Sadly, Studentlife is no longer available. I have no official homepage. [although I'm planning to build one] I was devastated when I received a notification that Blog-City no longer offers its free service. [and they gave me this notification right when we landed here in Canada-- yeah, after all the long flight, exhausting lines and long waits] I can't afford a paid blog yet, so I had to let it go. Alas 30441 hits. Good thing, I saved my entries.

    Listen, one of the major reasons why I started blogging is because of my high school life. I had a lot of difficulty with it. I was surrounded by people who eat numbers for breakfast, who write their homework at school, who formulate hypotheses from mere seconds of observation, who argues about matter and anti- matter, who slack and get As at the same time, who build bomb-defusing robots during the science fair, who memorize their WHOLE report when reporting about their report, who looked bored in class but perfects each exam...

    I was just culturally shocked.

    Fortunately, I had my own merits. Like being able to use the computer in DOS at the age of 3, able to play complete drums in 3rd grade, winning a National IT Olympiad as the first runner-up, webdesigning and internet stuff, writing crap and such.

    It's not a good idea to compare merits. It's really self- explanatory. We're all unique. We know it's impossible to be good at everything.

    High school was also a reason why I stopped drawing. Oh yeah, my classmates were also into drawing. Ugh. I lost my time from finding something new everyday. You probably wouldn't believe that I had no time for it. But the truth is, I didn't have time for it, except for school projects. But then again, my drawings sucked and I got even more dissatisfied.

    After high school. My friends rekindled the light of my interest in anime. My friends also got me back to drawing. Four years of not doing any drawings, made my best effort look like a chicken scratch. I got really bad and I lost my style. Then one of my friends, who started writing his novel about Philippine Folklore and Folktales [with swords and cleavers and jungle bolos and knives... and forks... and pointy things] suggested that I should write my own novel.

    I took his word and tried it. And I found it interesting. I think it's fun writing stories and I don't get bored with the challenge. I had a pretty good start, but I can't show it to the world yet. I will. Soon. And now he's telling me to write my own manga. *snorts* yeah right. [thinks again]. Maybe I will.

    My workstations. Fully paid by my own blood and sweat.

    You know, I really miss my friends back in the Philippines. Musta na mga prens? I bet you're having the time of your lives. It's summer there. I can almost imagine them enjoying the beach-- while I cry in a corner.

    It's my Tita's birthday tomorrow. I almost forgot. I need to get up early. Got to go.


    where were you at 11:19 PM?
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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    diary : when there is stress
    Thursday, April 17, 2008

    I just finished my Filipino 40S exam. It's worth four credits and I'm hoping to hog all four of them. BWAHAHA - instant four freakin' credits. It's a good thing I still know my way around with the Filipino language.

    Basically, it's about reading Filipino text, listening to the Filipino language, writing in Filipino and speaking in Filipino -- not Tagalog; FILIPINO. There, it's bold and uppercased.

    It wasn't hard - for me - because it has only been a year since we arrived here in Canada. But I wasn't surprised for my fellow examinees that were born here. I mean, they were panicking and stuff. I can't blame them. But is it really okay not to have an idea?

    As I look around the room while answering the test papers, (the writing and reading part) I figured out that they were having trouble. The listening part was easy but the oral part of the exam revealed the people who can still talk fluent Filipino.

    The reading, writing and listening parts were given on Tuesday. 3 full hours of ear-tiring, eye-burning, hand-twitching exams. But the oral part was carried out the next day, Wednesday, and it only lasted for twenty minutes.

    Filipinos, who recently migrated here, have all the advantage to this test ; not to mention 4 credits easy; that is if one is taking the Filipino 40S level. If one is taking the 30S level, it's worth 3 credits, 20S is worth 2, and the 10S is worth 1.

    My cousin had a little hard time with the oral part but he managed to pull it off. I think. Yeah, I think he did pull it off. He's been here for three years now. I wonder if three years would twist my tongue not to speak fluent Filipino.

    Oh yeah, I didn't go to school today. I was sick. [and the crowd goes yeahhhhhh riiiiight]. No, for real. My head was aching and the world was spinning when I got out of bed. My arms were like spaghetti and I held the wall. I stood and thought about what was happening. Then I decided to sleep again and I woke up at 12 in the afternoon. My mom didn't mind and she was asking if I was feeling fine. I mean, I slept at 8 last night and that's really early. I usually sleep at 2 in the morning... do the math. It explains the pimples and my old face. *nervous laugh*.

    Speaking of Math: I hate Chemistry.

    What I hate is, I understand the formulas, but I think the solution from my teacher and my solutions don't match. My teacher has a method that I keep on forgetting. Or I keep on questioning it whether he did it right or I did it wrong. Shit-take mushrooms!

    I need halp! Halp me!

    Yep. Chemistry is still my waterloo after all.

    Despite my absence, I was able to finish a lot of school work and personal work at home. Unbelievable, and I thought I was able to sleep the whole day. Well, I didn't want to postpone the things I WANTED to do for the things I HAD to do. So the schedule for my web-projects still stand:

    April 2008 - launching of Fruitsblogsket ver.2 gallery. by Kimikimkimster

    April 2008 - first chapter of 'Stranded' and 'Started' novel. by Sam Wahn.

    June 2008 - launch of Teenside Chronicles. [webcomic and novel] by Noa Nimhus

    June 2008 - launch of The Neverending Scrapbook and Something Else [e-novel, etc. Sam means the etcetera] by Sam Wahn

    July 2008 - launch of Yuu, Andy, Ai [e-novel and illustrative novel] by Sam Wahn.

    July 2008 - web launch of Do What Eye Tell You [e-novel] by Sam Wahn.

    Pain is part of learning.


    where were you at 10:12 PM?
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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    diary : spring break is over
    Sunday, April 06, 2008

    Hey what the fudgenuggets? Spring Break is over. That was one of the fastest week I've ever lived. One day I was talking about the start of spring break and now it's just... *looks at previous blog entry* so... what happened? I pretty much stayed at home and tried to catch up with the things I missed. I went to birthday parties. I was able to exercise. And eat a lot. I grew another pimple. I took screenshots of Fruits Basket *from a selected 2256 screenshots*. I was able to MANUALLY resize and MANUALLY enhanced each screenshot . I was able to find a PSP for me. I discovered that I might've a potential refund from work and taxes and stuff *MONEY! WAH! I NEED THE REFUND SO BAD!*. I did homework, bleagh. I was able to draft something for my e-novel projects. Hmm... but we didn't get to go the cinema, drat. Despite everything, I need one more week off! Haha. Honestly. I'm serious.

    BTW, the new FRUITSBLOGSKET GALLERY will be up this week, because I didn't make it in time to code the new layout . However, the screenshots are already uploaded in my server. The next thing to do in my list is renovate the boring gallery and insert the episode screenshots. Finishing the gallery would take off one thorn for this fansite.


    I've began to wonder: can I grow my old hair back? I'm starting to get tired of my spikey-doo. Maybe I do want to grow my hair back. I used to have long hair, but migration got in the way. Why you ask? Well because everyone knows that terrorists aren't allowed to enter another country, not to mention the airport. Having long hair, they said I look like a terrorist. O-kay.

    At first, I just shaved my goatie, which is also a huge sacrifice for your information. So I had no facial hair. Just clear and plain old person with a long hair. However, shaving the goatie was still short. And the weird thing is people started calling me "Ma'am" for it. Yeah. The cashier at McDonalds, the cashier at the mall, the waiter at MY FAVORITE restaurant, they called me Ma'am.

    No kidding.

    How can they mistake me for a girl? In the end, I was PRESSURED to cut my hair. One reaon I can't grow it back is because, I work. And my boss isn't particular of it. Still, maybe I should try it.


    where were you at 12:20 PM?
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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    diary : spring break
    Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    Hey, it's finally spring break! I know, I know, I should probably be getting back to blogging, right? No? You don't want me writing? Oh- okay then. Whatever. Anyway, I've planned this week for updating: mainly finishing the Memorable Quotes and the Gallery, And a bunch of other stuff too.

    cooking on some experimental updates

    Oh man, I haven't planned anything special for Spring Break. I'm just going to jog outside and sleep a lot, I guess. Hey, come to think of it, this is my first Spring Break in Canada.


    where were you at 12:52 AM?
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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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