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    Episode 1 : The Strangest Day
    Episode 2 : The Sohma Curse
    Episode 3 : All Shapes And Sizes
    Episode 4 : Here Comes Kagura
    Episode 5 : A Rice Ball In A Fruits Basket
    Episode 6 : Invincible Friendship
    Episode 7 : A Plum On The Back
    Episode 8 : Don't Cry, For The Snow Will Surely Melt
    Episode 9 : A Solitary New Year
    Episode 10 : Make it Clear if it's Black or White

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    enter fruitsblogsket, where blog meets fruits basket, one of my favorite anime titles. FruitsBlogsket is my personal fansite dedicated for Fruits Basket. You'll read my blog, find avatars, wallpapers, read the Sohma diaries, discover what Tohru and the Sohmas are doing and many more. Fruitsblogsket is an experimental fansite. Feel free to check the site.

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    diary : thoughts on lonelines and being alone
    Sunday, April 22, 2007

    We all heard someone say "I think I need to be alone for a while." You should let him / her be. Quite frankly, being alone isn't so bad. And take note that I don't even like EMO music -- I hate it by the way. It's an embedded medicine.

    We all need some time for ourselves. There comes a time when you need to sit out, feel the breeze, not be bothered by someone else and ease all by yourself. It gives you time to reflect on what you've accomplished or what you've ruined. It gives you the moment to savor the victory or throw objects at the wall because of some unpleasant defeat.

    I'm quite flexible when it comes to being by myself. I can be with other people and be alone. No bragging by the way. Sometimes, I tend to look like I'm alone in my own crowd and I'm not even trying. I don't even notice. Then someone would approach me and ask if there was something wrong or bothering me. It's just me... being me. That's all. I guess I'm like what you call an arbiter.

    Speaking of observing, there are also circumstances wherein you get to know other people just by looking at them. You get to familiarize with them by the way they dress, they react to another person, they move about. It's totally normal. There are people who are introvert and extrovert at the same time. Believe me, I know some people. Heck, my friends told me that I'm one of such.
    It has been my habit to hunger myself of people.
    It also occurred to me where I found a lot of friends by myself. Did it occur to you that someone messed up your style and poof you met lesser friends?

    Much often than the usual, I eat alone at fast food restos because my friends don't want to accompany me. Or they don't have money -- sounds reasonable enough. When I crave for fastfood, I don't bother. I take a bath, get dressed, move and eat. That's eat... err... it.

    Yes sometimes being alone is worthwhile. There are no hassles, no demanded social interactions, no one to bother you, no one to meddle with your decisions or whatsoever, no one to give you crappy opinions, the picture is all yours.

    Let me reiterate. Take note 'sometimes'. No man is an island.

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    The number user at has been increased. Therefore we decided to move to advance server with faster speed more space and better performance. There will be some downtime next week during off peek hour. We are very sorry for any inconvenient.

    Thanks for supporting us

    GbSpace.Com Team


    where were you at 2:17 AM?
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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    diary : bummer humbee
    Monday, April 16, 2007

    It's Monday, as usual. I apologize for my two week absence. However, my life will be extra soil to dig in the future weeks. I will work, finally. I have sent two resumes to two companies. However, according to our orientation, there are people who send out fifty resumes with no results. I'm praying that they'd accept me and I'll be able work for them.

    I can only think of few things right now. Unfortunately, not one is spared for the purpose of writing. I'm not inspired right now. What a sad story. I need to get a grip.


    where were you at 1:02 AM?
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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    memquotes episode 10
    Sunday, April 08, 2007

    SHIGURE: I'm out of the tub. Who's in next? Yuki?
    YUKI: Sigh. I think I'll skip it today.
    SHIGURE: GASP! How can you stand to be so dirty?!
    YUKI: *mumbles* Just once I'd like to knock him through the roof.

    SAKI: I've done my best but now I've reached the edge of my limits. Run on without me. And don't worry, I'll be right behind you the whole time. Only walking.

    TOHRU: Huh? What's that? That white hair! An old man? Sir, what's wrong? Wait... he looks like he's my age. I'm sorry, I just thought. Well... Your hair is so white. I thought you were an old man that had fallen down or something. I mean not that you look like an old man.

    TOHRU: What is it?
    HATSUHARU: He's coming. *ties the trap*

    YUKI: Shouldn't you be at school?
    HATSUHARU: Yeah. Well actually I left on Sunday with the intention of coming here but I was swept away into the part of the dark open wilderness that took me three days to find my way out.
    YUKI: Sigh. Why don't you just say you got lost?

    KYO: You know, when you turn black you're a real bastard.
    HATSUHARU: Oh yeah? Just for that, when I'm done with you, I'm gonna take your little girlfriend.
    KYO: What the... You're gonna what?
    HATSUHARU: Oh you know, I'm gonna do this and a little of that, and I'm definitely gonna do that!
    KYO: Huh? What is he - This is the same little brat that used to get lost on the way to the bathroom if I didn't take him, and now he thinks he some kind of... I don't know what. He really is a bastard when he goes black. Who got him all worked up anyway? Okay, I guess that was me. So why's he gotta bring Tohru into this? What she got to do with anything? And what's he talking about, "I'll do this, I'll do that" crap? What ever it is... You're sick!

    SAKI: That's it. It was a good run but at last this has come to an end. You dealt me the ace. I have a royal flush.
    STUDENT 1: What? Again?
    STUDENT 2: How do you always get the good cards?
    TEACHER: *sees them playing cards on the sidewalk* You guys if you're not gonna run. Go home.

    SHIGURE: *holding laughter* So you came all the way here looking like that, did you?
    KYO: It's not funny.

    SHIGURE: Well, I'm off. Take good care of Yuki while I'm gone.
    TOHRU: Okay. And thank you so much. It's so nice of him to do this. Shigure can be so selfless sometimes. He's always thinking of others.
    SHIGURE: *shining and singing* High school girls. High school girls. All for me. High school girls.

    HATSUHARU: I hate your guts! It's the rat's fault everybody laughs at the cow! It's the rat's fault they call the cow a fool and an idiot! It's your fault the dirty mean stinking rat!
    YUKI: Is it true? About you I mean. Is that what you are? Are you a fool?
    HATSUHARU: No. No, I'm not. I- I'm not a fool. I'm not a fool.
    YUKI: M-hm. I didn't think so.

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    where were you at 12:00 AM?
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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    memquotes episode 8
    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    KYO: ~HEY! You guys! She's gone! I can't find her anywhere!
    SHIGURE: If you mean Tohru, she told us last night at dinner that she was going over to a friend's house for a visit today.
    KYO: ... huh? She did really?
    YUKI: That's what she said, or you weren't listening.
    KYO: UGH! Shut up! I mean... she hardly ever goes out and stuff.
    SHIGURE: Well it goes to show how accustomed you've gotten to having her around the house. Her absence is felt. Alas, where has our beautiful flower now gone? [chuckles]
    YUKI: You're babbling again.

    HATORI: Life among us is not as pleasant as you seem to believe. An evil shadow looms over this family.

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    where were you at 11:04 PM?
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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    memquotes episode 9

    Shigure watching from the bushes as his bookcase falls down.
    SHIGURE: Timber!

    Mitsuru finds Shigure hiding in the kitchen.
    SHIGURE: Oh, I was just feeling a bit hungry.
    MITSURU: Five hundred pages. Not five! I need them now! You don't have time to be hungry!
    SHIGURE: Of course. Of course. I'll get right on that. But one thing before I start, I just need one little favor: could you hold out your hands for me?
    MITSURU: Uh?
    SHIGURE: Once I see that, I'll be able to write. No problem.
    MITSURU: Is that a fact?
    SHIGURE: u-huh.
    MITSURU: *groans*
    SHIGURE: Now, put your head down a bit... Donations for the poor beggar girl!

    YUKI: So Miss Honda, what are you going to make?
    TOHRU: New Year's cakes.
    YUKI: Uhh, New Year's cakes?
    TOHRU: I just hope I put down ingredients everyone likes.
    YUKI: Oh, Shigure, Kyo and I will be going back to the house tonight. I'm sorry. I really should have explained earlier. It's sort of a Sohma family tradition. I uh-- I guess it was just an obvious thing to us that we'd be going that we completely forgot to mention it.
    TOHRU: That's all right. But in that case I'm getting a little too much, huh?

    *teary eyed and inspired* Shigure!
    SHIGURE: Mii-chan, be a dear and hand me that newspaper, would you?
    MITSURU: Ah, reasearch materials, right? You are working so hard!
    SHIGURE: Of course, I am... I have to get ready for New Year's too, you know.

    SHIGURE: Mii! Give me back my kite!

    MII: Sh-*pants*-Gu-*pants*-Re-*pants*
    SHIGURE: Well, hello, Mii. You look tired. Come on, have a seat.

    SHIGURE: Wah, I'm so full. Now I can spend the rest of the year without a care in the world.
    MITSURU: You can't say that until you finish your manuscript.
    SHIGURE: Still, you can't deny that the soba was delicious.
    MITSURU: Now, you listen to me! This situation is critical here! Don't you understand? We have a deadline to meet! You can't afford to waste time on silly things like soba noodles or new year's--
    SHIGURE: In fact, I'd eat it everyday if it weren't for what it did to my nails.
    MITSURU: Nails?
    SHIGURE: Well, if you did so much soba, your fingernails start to smell funny, don't they?
    Mitsuru smells her nails.
    SHIGURE: Mii, you're such a sport.

    Hey, the writer guy asked me to give this to you.
    MITSURU: Hm? You it was finished? Why didn't he just tell me? Why-- *falls apart*

    SHIGURE: Ah,, but nothing can compare to the beautiful dance Yuki did three years ago.
    Tohru: I wish I could've seen it!
    YUKI: Don't go saying anything uncalled-for!

    YUKI: In any event, if we go back to Sohma house tonight, we'll have to stay until the third, won't we? So for three days, we'll be leaving Miss Honda here all alone. Stupid cat, did you just realize that?
    KYO: Don't call me stupid.
    YUKI: Then don't act stupid, stupid.
    TOHRU: Ehm, please wait, you two. Thank you for worrying, but you don't have to. I'll be all right. It's funny about just knowing that thinking about me... well... I'm so happy. And I want you to be happy too, so you should go. Enjoy yourselves. I mean, this is your family special night. And you get to see your parents for the first time in a while, right? I'm sure they are all looking forward to seeing you. Promise I'll be fine. And I'll take great care of the house while you're gone. You are talking to the girl who-- NHAH! the bath water! I left it running again!
    SHIGURE: If that doesn't inspire confidence, nothing will.

    KYO: You know, she always use to leave that window in her room wide open.
    YUKI: What were you doing in her room?
    KYO: I wasn't! I saw it from outside!
    YUKI: She can be rather careless at times. This morning she tripped on the stairs again.
    KYO: And she's always bumping into walls and stuff. Clumsy as she is, if there was a way to choke on rice, she'd find it.
    YUKI: Don't even joke about that.
    SHIGURE: You two, you sound like a couple of old ladies the way you worry.

    SHIGURE: Aw, now that I think about it. There was an article on the evening paper about the rash of burglaries in the neighborhood. *Kyo and Yuki* stops walking. The culprit is still at large. Or so they say.

    SHIGURE: Oi oi, you guys, where are you going?
    YUKI AND KYO: Home!

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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    memquotes episode 7

    Kyo suggesting a theme for the festival.
    KYO: I say we make it a riceball battle.
    STUDENT: A battle?
    KYO: One-on-one. One round. No holds barred. And even if they get bloody noses or pull each other's arms off, they have to fight for the prize: RICEBALL!

    Kyo sulking on the rooftop with a bunch of kittens.

    after her work.
    TOHRU: Why is it that people feel they have to be like somebody else? Why do they have to feel jealous? If they can see the admirable qualities in someone else, why can't they see the admirable qualities in themselves?

    MOMIJI: Waah! Somebody! Kyo hit me!

    Kyo holding Momiji's head while he runs to hug Tohru.
    MOMIJI: Kyo, you're just trying to keep Tohru out for yourself because she's so cute. You probably hug her everyday!

    Yuki makes a diversion for Momiji's transformation.
    YUKI: Could it be any weirder than me? It's freakish a boy in a dress! Ugh...
    [the studentbody disagrees!]

    HATORI: Oh yes, I almost forgot something very important. Yuki, Kyo, stand over there please.
    YUKI: What?
    HATORI: I want you both to give me a simple answer to this question. What is the last letter of the alphabet?
    YUKI & KYO: Z!
    HATORI: Akito wanted me to take a picture of you while I was here. That should be a very nice shot. So long then.
    MOMIJI: [rabbit waving] ~bye!

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    where were you at 10:43 PM?
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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    memquotes episode 6

    Shigure wiping the table.
    SHIGURE: High school girls, high school girls, 1,2,3, high school girls. Ah, I can't help but wonder what kind of girls these friends of Tohru's are.
    KYO: A yankee and a psychic.

    SHIGURE: Well, either way... something's bound to turn out. Que sera sera. [chuckles]
    YUKI: You just like hearing yourself talk, don't you?
    SAKI: There's a dog... [Sohmas freak out] over there?
    SHIGURE: OH? yes! That's a dog.

    Saki reading Shigure's pocket book.
    SAKI: How sad. Love doomed from the start.
    UO: You're reading that?
    SHIGURE: That's silly little thing? Oh, I'm flattered! So what do you think?
    SAKI: You don't want to know what I think...
    SHIGURE: [backs off] oh... no...?
    SAKI: But when is volume 2 coming out?

    SHIGURE: So then, Saki, you never did tell how you and Tohru got to be friends.
    SAKI: Are you sure, you're ready to hear?
    SHIGURE: OH uhh... That's okay, as long as you're friends now. That's what's important.
    SAKI: We were in middle school. And I was transferred into Tohru's class.
    SHIGURE: U-huh... is that so?
    SAKI: Yes. You see, in my previous school I had causes something of a disturbance.
    [Sohmas freak]
    SHIGURE: Well that is a wonderful story, isn't it?! But, I just remembered I have some work to do. So if you kids would excuuuse me.

    SAKI: A cat... a cat paw...
    SHIGURE: [butts in] OH! You're playing a game of sevens right? That sounds like fun! Think you have room for one more?

    Shigure throws Yuki's clothes to Kyo.
    SHIGURE: Catch this Kyo!
    TOHRU: Wooah!
    SHIGURE: Ehh? Why is this so heavy?

    Shigure transformed as well.
    TOHRU: ahahah...
    SHIGURE: [barks]
    TOHRU: Oh!... I thought you you'd run away! I'm so glad you're back. Um... ah... Spot!
    SHIGURE: Spot?

    TOHRU: I'm really sorry. I promised the last thing I wanted was for this to cause everybody so much trouble.
    SHIGURE: Hey... nothing to apologize for.
    TOHRU: I'm not so sure.
    SHIGURE: Tohru, if these people are important to you. Then, they are important to us too. Do you understand?

    SAKI: Arisa...
    UO: Huh?
    SAKI: You're about to step on...
    UO: Yeah? Step on what?
    SAKI: An orange cat-- with clothes tied around its neck-- being carried in the mouth of a dog-- who went that way.
    [Yuki, Kyo and Shigure behind the bushes]
    SHIGURE: 1,2... 1,2... nothing gets the blood flowing like a rubdown with a dry towel. 1,2... 1,2...
    YUKI: Idiot.

    KYO: He's stronger when he's half asleep.

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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    memquotes episode 5
    Tuesday, April 03, 2007

    TOHRU: I just found out the renovations are done.

    Kyo butts in Tohru's explanation of moving to her Grandpa's house
    KYO: OKAY ENOUGH ALREADY!... I get it.
    TOHRU: I'm sorry, I just thought that...
    SHIGURE: Don't mind him. I think I caught him off guard with the news as all. We've just witnessed a classic example of what I like to call misdirected rage. I believe the technical term is being an ass.

    TOHRU: Like the saying goes, never put off til tomorrow what you can do today.

    Moring. After Tohru's departure.
    SHIGURE: ~Tohru! I'm starving. What's for breakfast?
    [Kyo and Yuki looks at him] I forgot. Our dear sweet Tohru is gone gone away.
    YUKI: That sounded like you forgot on purpose.
    SHIGURE: No, of course not. That would be pretty despicable, don't you think? But you know, without Tohru here, it does feel like all the fire has gone out of this kitchen, doesn't it? Suddenly it feels so cold and dreary.
    KYO: Damn it! You are saying that on purpose, aren't you!
    SHIGURE: In any event, consumed by grief though we are, I suppose we can't help but get hungry at some point. Which reminds me, Tohru left us a pot of her delicious beef stew in the refrigerator, yes? Perfect, now why don't you heat that up for us, Yuki?
    YUKI: You're joking right?
    SHIGURE: Nahaha. Of course, you're not too handy in the kitchen, are you? Well, Kyo, I guess that leaves you.
    KYO: Why do I got to do it?
    SHIGURE: No no, it's all right. If you don't mind letting the last of the wonderful beef stew that Tohru put her heart and soul into preparing for us get burnt to a crisp, then neither do I. After all, I suppose burnt beef stew will be just as satisfying as burnt miso soup, or burnt rice, or burnt eggs, or any of the fine burnt dishes Yuki used to make for us before Tohru fell into our lives. Ahh yes, we all seem to do quite well on our charcoal-riched diet. I'm sure there's no reason we won't grow accustomed to it again.

    Shigure ranting while eating the beef stew.
    SHIGURE: And think, two bright handsome young men like you couldn't even find a way to keep the girl who cooked this delicious stew from leaving. Oh the tragedy.

    TOHRU'S GRANDPA: Tohru, I apologize. Please, don't think poorly of them. They're just disagreeable folks by nature.

    KYO: You know, you can tell people what you want. I mean, it's annoying if you do it all the time.

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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    memquotes episode 4

    Kagura breaks a door and beats up Kyo.
    YUKI: Well it appears like we need another door, isn't it?
    SHIGURE: Sometimes it feels like the whole world is conspiring to destroy my house.
    TOHRU: I'm... sorry...
    SHIGURE: Oh, I was just kidding. This is normal. It's Kagura's way of showing affection.
    TOHRU: I would've never guessed. So, then, from the looks of it, she must really like Kyo a lot.

    Kyo occupied by Kagura
    This pains my heart. But moving on. Tohru, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you something of a cat lover yourself?
    TOHRU: That's me, the year of the cat fanclub.
    KAGURA: A rival!

    Yuki and Tohru walking to the store.
    I'm guessing you've noticed by now -- oh it would be so hard not to -- but Kagura has a bit of a one track mind when it comes to Kyo. She's had heart set on marrying him since we were little kids, for whatever that's worth, it's pretty silly, I know.
    TOHRU: Oh no. Not at all. I-I think it's amazing.
    YUKI: Uhh... you do?
    TOHRU: I mean, that kind of devotion is pretty weary, you know? To like someone so much for that long, it's really wonderful, isn't it?

    Kagura accidentally rips Kyo's shirt.
    KYO: AHH! Tell me you didn't do what I just think you did.
    KAGURA: ~ my love ~!
    KYO: - MY SHIRT -!

    Kagura breaks another door and bumps to the local paperboy
    NEWSPAPERMAN: Hello it is I, your ever reliable local paper boy coming to deliver the news of the day! WAAAH!
    SHIGURE: This is bad.
    YUKI: Ah, thanks for your hard- work.
    NEWSPAPERMAN: Oh sure. It's my job. Sorry I was a little late this morning. BYEEEEeee.

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    where were you at 3:56 PM?
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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    memquotes episode 3
    Monday, April 02, 2007

    Kyo recollecting on what happened at school after saying mean things to Tohru.
    KYO: I don't want to live in this house anymore.
    SHIGURE: You can train in the mountains for four months, I think you can endure more than two days here.

    Yuki arrives home
    YUKI: I'm home.
    SHIGURE: Oh, so you are. Is Tohru not with you?
    YUKI: She had to work this evening, but she'll be done by 11. I was thinking of picking her up.
    SHIGURE: That's probably a good idea, there are some real weirdos around here.

    After Tohru accidentally hits Kyo.
    Tohru: I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong idea. I only hit you because I thought you were a stalker.

    Tohru telling Yuki how she wants to help Kyo clean the room [after losing the rich man, poor man game]
    KYO: Don't worry about it, I'll win next time. Just like I'll win against you! [points to Yuki]
    YUKI: Wait wait... I think I've heard this one before.

    After Yuki made Kyo eat leeks.
    SHIGURE: Um... Yuki, Kyo's already passed out.

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    memquotes episode 2

    Tohru rushing down the stairs
    TOHRU: OH Mister Postman! It's terrible! You see, they're animals?!
    POSTMAN: Well yes, they're certainly are! Here's your mail.

    SHIGURE: Tohru, Didn't you say you used to wish you could be a cat?
    TOHRU: Uh yeah. U-huh.
    SHIGURE: What's it like seeing the real thing?

    SHIGURE: Yes, it's hard to believe. I know. And I agree the phrase cat-like reflexes doesn't really apply to him, the way he let you fall on him like that. But he is a cat, only clumsier than most. Surprising really, considering the amount of martial arts training he has had. I'm sure he'll tell you the same thing himself, if he wasn't busy brooding like a child--
    KYO: Will you shut up?!

    TOHRU: he-- send him flying...
    SHIGURE: Yuki, try not to destroy the house, okay?

    After the mailman's departure.
    KYO: Ah Hell! I can't make up any excuse, if you guys transform too!
    YUKI: The one who got clumsy first was you, baka neko!
    KYO: Baka neko, eh? Try to say that again!
    YUKI: Baka neko!

    Shigure explains the curse.
    SHIGURE: Well, when our body gets nervous or we get hugged by the opposite sex, we transform. After some time, we return to normal. Except... the fact we are naked.
    Tohru all hysterical

    YUKI: Thanks, Miss Honda.
    TOHRU: No problem! Fixing ties is my specialty!
    YUKI: Uhh... ahaha.

    TOHRU: I'm getting excited since it's a great amount of work.
    YUKI: I'll help, what can I do?
    SHIGURE: You'd better stop it. Yuki-kun is so unskillful that he can't even make a simple paper bird. He will just interfere.

    TOHRU: Whew, it's finally done!
    YUKI: Amazing! You made that dirty kitchen so clean! There was an electric rice cooker in this house?
    TOHRU: I unearthed it!

    Kyo suddenly enters while Yuki and Tohru eats brunch.
    SHIGURE: Kyo, just listen to me!
    KYO: I don't wanna hear it! You think it's fun jerking me around like that!
    SHIGURE: Now hold on! It wasn't- okay it was a little bit fun. But that's not why I did it. It's for your own good!
    Kyo and Shigure race walking through the hall.

    TOHRU: This is the first time I've seen you in a suit! It looks good on you!
    SHIGURE: Really? For real?
    YUKI: You look like a waiter.

    SHIGURE: I made him write an entrance exam.
    TOHRU: An entrance exam? For what?
    SHIGURE: In other words, Kyo-kun will go to the same school as you do. In addition, he will live in this house together.
    YUKI: Don't eat! Don't come near! Get out!
    SHIGURE: Well... I expected you to be angry.

    TOHRU: What kind of... training?
    YUKI: Lemme he's been meditating under waterfalls and fighting bears.

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    memquotes episode 1
    Sunday, April 01, 2007

    Tohru talking to her mom's picture.
    TOHRU: See you later, Mom. Take care of the house while I'm gone.

    Shigure meets Tohru.
    SHIGURE: Funny. I wonder what he'll say when he hears he has a fan.
    TOHRU: He?
    SHIGURE: You were born in the year of the dog. I knew there was something that I like about you, aside from your pretty feh-- (Yuki drops his bag on Shigure's head)

    Shigure and Yuki talking in background.
    SHIGURE: What do you have in that bag? A dictionary?
    YUKI: No, I have two of them.

    Yuki and Shigure walking in their Sohma woods.
    SHIGURE: Why? Everytime I make dinner, you complain.
    Yuki: Pickled radish in curry is not dinner. It's disgusting. I think one complain is more or less justified.

    When Yuki and Shigure found Tohru's camp
    YUKI: Shigure, don't you think you're overdoing it?

    Tohru explains her residence.
    TOHRU: Please, can't I stay there a little while longer? It's only for a few more weeks, then I'll go. I don't have too much money but I can pay you. Please let me stay.
    SHIGURE: Those woods aren't safe. We've got wild animals, landslides, the occasional weirdos crawling around. It's not a good idea for a girl to be living around there alone.
    YUKI: So you're done laughing?
    SHIGURE: Hm.

    Tohru almost faints.
    YUKI: A fever?
    SHIGURE: Ice! I'll get ice! (opens room, wait... ice in a room?) It's a... It's a...
    TOHRU: A sea of corruption?
    SHIGURE: That's a good analogy.

    Tohru quickly embraces Kyo to stop their fight.
    SHIGURE: Yuuuki, what were all those crashing sounds I just heard? Kyo's not here, is he?
    TOHRU: I'm so sorry! Are you alright? HWAA! I turned him into a cat! I'm so sorry, I don't know what happened but we'll turn you back right away!

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    Saki Hanajima
    Katsuya Honda
    Kyoko Honda
    Tohru Honda
    Akito Sohma
    Ayame Sohma
    Hatori Sohma
    Hatsuharu Sohma
    Hiro Sohma
    Isuzu Sohma
    Kagura Sohma
    Kisa Sohma
    Kureno Sohma
    Kyo Sohma
    Mesho Sohma
    Momiji Sohma
    Ren Sohma
    Ritsu Sohma
    Shigure Sohma
    Yuki Sohma
    Arisa Uotani
    Mine Kuramae
    Kazuma Sohma
    Visit Tohru Honda Shire Visit Hanajima Saki Shire Visit Uotani Arisa Shire Visit Kyo Sohma Shire Visit Yuki Sohma Shire Visit Shigure Sohma Shire Visit Ayame Sohma Shire Visit Hatori Sohma Shire Visit Momiji Sohma Shire Visit Kagura Sohma Shire Visit Kisa Sohma Shire Visit Ritsu Sohma Shire Visit Kureno Sohma Shire Visit Hatsuharu Sohma Shire Visit Hiro Sohma Shire Visit Isuzu Sohma Shire Visit Akito Sohma Shire Visit Mii-chan's Shire
    read my Fruitsblogsket shires up there.

    This is Sohma Shigure's house. Obviously, this is where Sohma Shigure lives together with Honda Tohru, Sohma Kyo and Sohma Yuki. Feel free to visit it and the other parts of the house.

    This is the Sohma Hotsprings, a hotspring establishment owned by the Sohma clan. There are several hotsprings inside fit for everyone. It's a place of relaxation where it's also accessible to other getaway spots. This is where Tohru and the gang usually spend their summer break.

    the park

    Park and unwind at Furuba Park.
    ayame's shop

    See how proud and busy Ayame Sohma and Mine Kuramae are at Ayame's Shop. Let the shoppers loose.








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