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    Episode 1 : The Strangest Day
    Episode 2 : The Sohma Curse
    Episode 3 : All Shapes And Sizes
    Episode 4 : Here Comes Kagura
    Episode 5 : A Rice Ball In A Fruits Basket
    Episode 6 : Invincible Friendship
    Episode 7 : A Plum On The Back
    Episode 8 : Don't Cry, For The Snow Will Surely Melt
    Episode 9 : A Solitary New Year
    Episode 10 : Make it Clear if it's Black or White

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    enter fruitsblogsket, where blog meets fruits basket, one of my favorite anime titles. FruitsBlogsket is my personal fansite dedicated for Fruits Basket. You'll read my blog, find avatars, wallpapers, read the Sohma diaries, discover what Tohru and the Sohmas are doing and many more. Fruitsblogsket is an experimental fansite. Feel free to check the site.

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    Friday, January 31, 2014

    I slept around 6am, and I woke up at 7pm. This is how I am during winter and this is how I live as a programmer, a writer and a webdesigner. My body clock is all out of sync. Anyway, I've finished the first step. And I'm now designing my second web template. Tomorrow will be the first of February and I'll be busy talking to a lot of people. February's making me nervous. One thing is, I'm taking the exam on the 6th.

    I've learned that you have to be odd to be number one.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Thursday, January 30, 2014

    I've listed down the preliminary requirements to setup my web project. I've had significant progress on my first step. But I'm still stumped on my original literature. I need to continue writing the next chapters for my ongoing novel.

    I didn't go to school today, and I think I've made a mistake enrolling this term. I've lost interest and I'm near dropping the subject. I don't know yet. I plan to take the first exam and see where it goes. I'm not planning to submit the homework, as I just want to pass this course. I don't think it's a good idea, because I'm planning to give my money to my grandma instead of buying the textbook. She's having a surgery. The truth is, she's getting a second opinion whether or not the surgery is needed. If I drop my course, I can focus on saving money for my trip and other things as well.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Wednesday, January 29, 2014

    Used my day off by concentrating on webdesigning my first fansite for this year's project. I received an email that my Sunday shift has been canceled, because the field will be closed. It's a good news. My cousin also created page dedicated to our MMO project. I thought that it was too early to tell everybody of our plan, but apparently, he just wants to set it up and give everyone a heads up. I'll put this judgment into their hand.

    I realized now that I have a lot of projects to do this year. And then there's the writing and the creation of my videogame. 2014 is loaded is loaded, and if I keep on it, I'll be busy for the first half of the year. Anyway, January is fast ending and I'm feeling nervous for February. Excited and nervous. No, I'm anxious of February.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Tuesday, January 28, 2014

    I had to re-design the first fansite I'm building, but I'm pleased with the result. I turned the computer off at 3am. I lied on my bed and turned my laptop on so I can check my social media on the comforts of my bed before going to sleep. My friend, Jerx, sent me an email about the character concept art I requested around 4am. He draws awesome sketch and I don't mind paying him. I was pleased with his drafts. I watched some videos and anime, and I wouldn't sleep until 7am. I couldn't sleep right away. What's new? This is the result of lying in bed all day yesterday. But I can't help it. There's nothing to do when the winter is too cold.

    I got up at 3:15pm. And I left for work at 4:13pm. The bus was a bit late, but I wasn't late. I received an email from work that this week's going to be super slow. I needed that. They canceled my shift tomorrow, and I'm happy. You can really tell that I don't like my work anymore, huh? Anyway, today's shift was on the hard side. So far so good. I'm thinking I'll buy my textbook tomorrow. The only thing that's stopping from dropping the course is the amount I paid for my tuition fee and that I need the 3 credits to achieve half of the total credits I need to graduate. Thinking that I've completed half of my requirements is a great motivator, but my current circumstances while getting there don't look good. Work wrapped up somewhat okay, but it could've been better.

    There's a lot of birthdays today. My cousin, my friend from high school, another relative, and another classmate. Unfortunately, it fell on a busy Tuesday.

    My eBay order got pushed back two months this time. I had it canceled and refunded, so I can use the money for my textbook. But I'm still interested and I let the seller know when it's available in March. This'll give me options. I want that figure; it's a Heather figurine from Silent Hill 3. It's rare, man! I have to have it, but instead of having my money sitting, I need to use it towards current matters. I just shake my head why my textbook is so expensive.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Monday, January 27, 2014

    I've officially started designing my new fansite. I'm afraid I can't divulge the anime yet, but I have picked 4 titles this time. I will be parallel processing them, because I think I can pull it off; they also share the same theme. I'm already taking screenshots as contents so I can put them up on the fansite when it is published. As for my newest addition, the Say I Love You fansite, it served as a stepping stone and I will continue running it.

    Speaking of projects, we're planning to create our own MMO server. We have PKO in mind, and we're in the process of building our team. Logistics have to be set up first, like shift rotation and funds management, before we get technical. My cousin has done it before, so I'm interested in the feeling of running an MMO. It will not be a business venture. It's just going to be a hobby. We want to build our own world and our own events too.

    I just lied in bed all day, and I had the motivation to do something around 11pm. It was bad I tell you. I really don't have the motivation to go to school or to go to work, because January's taking its toll on me. I don't know why I feel this way, maybe because my friend quit work, or maybe because the course isn't interesting; or perhaps I'm excited to fly home. I miss everyone in the Philippines. It has been 7 years and I miss my friends and family there. I'm just enduring my work so I can save money. Although, my future here in Canada is brighter. I just need to spend some time with them as I am a human being.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Sunday, January 26, 2014

    I chose to stay at home today. I'm feeling the brunt of my mistakes right now while I'm typing this. Just one thing's for sure, February's going to be a busy month for me. There's the midterm next week, February 6. I also chose to put my load on February as I'll have four weekend shifts. I did this, because I felt making January an laid back and slow month for me. And I think it's fine to have the two week grind next month before my university reading week -- one week break. It's all good. I'm also testing my current workplace how accommodating they are. I've worked for them for four years, always doing my best, and I want to see how they respond to my recent absence. I also wanted to challenge myself this way. I'm writing this down now so I won't get lost while in this 2 week grind. You're also doing this for someone. February will be special.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Saturday, January 25, 2014

    Saturday. I didn't go to work and called in sick because of the flu. I slept in the afternoon and I had a scary dream. I've been having a lot of scary dreams lately. Is it common to experience three attacks of sleep paralysis in one week? I had a dream involving me waking up and falling unconscious in my sleep three times, and then I recognized what was happening. I tried rebuking it, and I woke up. I has another dream of going to my parent's room, because that I'm hearing strange noises, like someone rustling at the gate, running inside the house and I thought they'd be thieves or not. I woke them up and told them about it, my dad stood up and got up, but my mom was talking to me and there was no sound. She kept talking, but there was no sound until I saw a vision of someone that shouldn't supposed to be with us. That's when I recognized that it was a dream and then I just had to wake up. And then the most recent involved me in my lying on my bed and some force was slowly removing my blanket. I couldn't move as I lied flat on bed without my blanket anymore. And then I saw my brother floating on air twitching his hands and his head. It was scary, and I thought of telling my parents about it. It could mean something. And I had an idea what it meant, because of what we're experiencing right now as a Christian household. It's truly a weird week.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Friday, January 24, 2014

    I slept at 10am from yesterday's nonsense marathon gaming. I woke up at 5pm. My dad had a checkup today. He seems fine. I wasn't hungry and I didn't eat much today. It feels like my plans are getting ruined little by little from silly temptations. The slump's one thing and this comes. It is a spiritual battle, huh?


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Thursday, January 23, 2014

    I don't know what came over me. It's school time, but I didn't go. I really don't know if it's just one of those truancy feelings. I get it a lot every winter term. I just stayed at home and the indifference scares me. I don't know what else is there to talk about, because I think I'm putting myself in trouble.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Wednesday, January 22, 2014

    I've made another mistake. I don't want to be specific, but let's just say it has to do with temptation. Anyway, I'm past it, and I don't plan to dwell on it. I worked today, and work was relatively... light -- come to think of it. I thought it has been hard, but it wasn't. I found out that one more person will be leaving the floor. One of my superiors will be leaving the floor this week, and he's the person that taught me how to do my job. I'm happy for him that he has been promoted, but we won't be working on the same floor anymore. So I won't be seeing him anymore. Which is a bummer. It's time to sort out my future plans like student loans, job-hunting and gaming.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Tuesday, January 21, 2014

    I slept at 1am hoping to wake up around 5am to post something. I did wake up around that time, but I just said 'nope.' For shame.

    I had another scary dream today. No, I've had another sleep paralysis. But thinking back, it's not scary, but straight out weird. I woke up from a scary noise. I heard shuffling inside the house, like waking up when you think there are thieves in the night. And so I went to my parent's room and told them about it. My dad got up from bed to check, and my mom told me to get back in bed. I saw a glimpse of my grandparents, and they were the ones who were making the noise. But I know that my grandparents couldn't be there. I got cold all of a sudden and I asked my mom why it got cold. She didn't say anything. I asked and asked, but there was no reply, and she would only look at me. That's when I realized that it was a dream. So I woke up again.

    At work today, it was another difficult day. My friend quit earlier than I've expected. It just got boring. I'm giving it serious thoughts that I'd just stay there for less than a year. At least after my trip to the Philippines. I need to go somewhere, because I don't like it there anymore. I'm turning in my fifth year there, and I don't like the direction of my future there. I want to do something more meaningful, and I'm hoping to find work in campus instead.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Monday, January 20, 2014

    Monday was fairly laidback, like any usual day-off. I woke up later rather than my initial intention of staying awake all Monday. I really felt not sleeping on my day-off. I wanted to use my time for something else. Sleep is for the weak. But I was just kidding myself. I'm sorry, sleep. I'll never become tired of you.

    I slept because I felt like I would get sick if I didn't sleep. I learned that staying up late or sleep deprivation can weaken your immunity. It also messes up the face too. And I don't want my face to mess up. It's already messed up.

    I've continued writing on my fanfiction hoping to rekindle my fanfiction adventures. I had an epiphany about my fansite plan and I think I know now how to approach this project and keep it interesting. I'm not going to mention any anime yet. I've picked several, and I'm parallel planning right now so I can tackle them altogether. I'll say I have 70% of my theme completed on this whole project. The idea came to my while doing webdesign. Let's see what happens, as I'm also excited to push it through.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Sunday, January 19, 2014

    Sunday has game changed me. I overcame my urge to stay on bed, but I was kidding myself to think that I'd stay home today. Enough slump. I got up instead. Not today. I went to church. My dad brought the message to the congregation and it would be embarrassing if I didn't show up. It was a powerful message that despite our trials, our tribulations and our suffering, God is with us.

    We came home around 1:53pm. I couldn't fight myself from feeling nappy while on the computer, so I took a nap. I woke up at 6pm, because my cousin called me of going out tonight. We left home around 8pm to eat outside and talk about our plans this year. We didn't notice the time fly by. All I could say is our time was productive. I won't disclose anything yet. It was a productive day.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Saturday, January 18, 2014

    I was so awake that I took a shower at 3:30am. I wanted to calm myself or refresh myself. I feel the slump since Wednesday. And it's giving me so much trouble.

    I didn't sleep today. And so I didn't go to work. I don't know, it's just that I can't find the motivation and I didn't want to go to work without sleep. I'm all cranky in the morning.

    What else is there to say? Nothing much. It's one of those unproductive Saturdays. It really is a slump. But I expect tomorrow to be the game changer. Whenever it's winter, I go super slow on life.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Friday, January 17, 2014

    Friday just came and passed by. It's another quick day, because I slept late and I woke up at 3pm already. Nothing much happened. I was able to pass along my February plan to my contacts at home. And now I can't really sleep, because I'm thinking about it much. It's my weakness.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Thursday, January 16, 2014

    I'm back writing fanfiction again. At least I started writing little updates for my my Sukitte Ii Na Yo fansite. And whenever I revert myself back to fanfiction mode, I demand that I'd be uninterrupted. I didn't go to school today, because I guess I'm not interested and there's something else that I wanted to do today. Besides, I'm still resting my back. I call it a strategic absence in school. It's just a lecture and I don't really care what I missed. I studied in advance. I think they talked about specific job types and linear programming for production. I read the book. Anyway, my back ache has been significantly reduced. It's improved much better and I can get up from my bed without cringing. I don't really know what happened. This is the second time this has happened, if not the third time. It started from a stiff neck. And then I woke up yesterday afternoon not able to go to work. This summer, I have to ask for a new bed. If it's heavenly comfortable, then we may have a problem as well: I'm never going to leave it. Everyone knows I'm addicted to sleep.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Wednesday, January 15, 2014

    I called in sick today because of my back ache. It was difficult for me to move around or get up. I didn't want to aggravate the pain. But I'm mostly okay now. I think I strained my stiff neck yesterday and it lead to back pains. I really wanted to work today, because I'm saving money for something. But whatever. Nothing much happened as I only relaxed at home. I wasn't immobile, it's just I can't commute with this back pain. I got my dad to buy me comfort food and then I slept. I woke up around 10:53pm, and I'm thinking about what to do for tomorrow. Wednesday was just a time for rest.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Tuesday, January 14, 2014

    Another day, another dollar. Tuesday was relatively light in the office. I hope tomorrow would be light as well. If it wasn't for the blizzard warning issued, tomorrow would be no problem.

    Coming to work was weird. I don't know what time people drink, but there was a drunk that stalled the bus. Poor fella' just couldn't insert the coins inside the machine. The driver kept pointing where to put them. In the end, I wasn't late for work.

    We did a study from the Government of Canada today. It was easy. I brought my laptop with me to the centre, and I read my slides while I worked. This is how I keep up. I study at work as well. Hopefully, everything will change. To be honest, I want to concentrate on studying. It's no fun working during the weekends, and I want to get good grades on my last two years. My plan is to come home next year, so I can get refreshed on life. And then come back to finish my last two years. I don't know if I'll still be working at that time. Probably not.

    I hope the blizzard tomorrow isn't as bad as it sounds.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Monday, January 13, 2014

    It's the end of another leg of break. I work again tomorrow, and things are expected to go back to normal -- I meant my work and academic routine. I just relaxed today and played a game of Mount and Blade: Warband. The learning curve of this game is on the hard side. But once you get the hang of the controls and the combat, it's a really addictive game. Especially when you hold a lot of towns and eventually create your own kingdom. And once you get used to figuring out which vassal to reward, or how to rule your kingdom, the game can really fulfill your medieval fantasies. Running the kingdom isn't hard as long as you appoint a worthy marshal of your army. What I just do is sandbox and let the marshal take care of your kingdom's campaign for Calradian domination. And then there's the divide and conquer strategy, where you can let the marshal do his work and focus on conquering other parts of the map. It's a good game. And underrated too. I can't wait for Bannerlord to come out, the Mount and Blade's next title. I totally recommend trying Warband.

    When it's my day-off and when it's cold outside, I just play videogames. I forgot to mention that I opened my PS4 this past Saturday. I bought the COD Ghost, because of the bot feature. It'll keep me occupied until I save a PS Plus subscription. Unlike the PS3, the online multiplayer aspect of the PS4 will be a paid subscription -- just like Xbox Live. I don't really care. I only play multiplayer on my PC anyway, so I'm indifferent.

    It wasn't that cold today. The temperature was around -12c. My cousin sent me a message telling me to go ice-skating, but I read that message when it was already dark.

    What else? Ah. My dad gave me a note about the possible dates of going to the Philippines. It's great. We're one step closer to making it official. Once it's official, it's going to be time for me to save a lot. Ironically, I'm tired of my work. What I should do is to have to get my mindset straightened out.

    Monday was just calm and easy. I hope tomorrow's not too busy.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Sunday, January 12, 2014

    It's my first time to go to church this year since I missed my last Sunday to work. I was asked to teach the youth again. Afterwards, the family and I ate out. It's the first 'warm' winter of the year where the temperature reached -1c in the morning. While it wasn't really cold outside and the temperature was great, the slushy road wasn't. Every car you'd see is dirty and the muddy snow ruined my shoes. Not to mention my favourite pair of jeans. Still, if the winter weather keeps this up 'til February, it would be great. So long Polar vortex whatever. Today's supposed to be special for my older brother. It's his birthday, but he celebrated it by sleeping. Speaking of special, my relatives replied to my request to next month's secret plan. Time for the next step. In the end, Sunday was exceptionally relaxing.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Saturday, January 11, 2014

    If it wasn't an hour shorter, my Saturday shift would've been terrible. Time seemed to pass so slow today at work. Still it was somewhat a productive day at the centre. Anyway, I'm just glad that I'm done with another Saturday shift.

    I came home around 5:30pm. I'm back to Saturday fasting. My usual fasting is that I don't eat anything from 12am to 6pm. I just drink water. And when it's 6pm, it's not a good idea to eat a lot. I just eat a light meal and let it digest. Whatever comes next after a few hours, is pretty much up to my appetite.

    I talked to my folks back at home about my plan next month and my other plans. Yeah, I want to go home. It's obvious. I almost forgot, it's my older brother's birthday tomorrow.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Friday, January 10, 2014

    As expected, Friday finished as another quick day-off. I should've woken up early, but I played Gears of War 3 until 3am. I woke up just when my mom was leaving for work, the afternoon. Nevertheless, I needed the relaxation time. But I'm not sure if I'm pretty relaxed right now. Oh yeah, I babysat again. That counts for productivity, right? Man, I need to overcome this creativity slump, so I can get back to writing and webdesigning. My videogame awaits too! To be honest, there's a lot of things to plan for this year that it makes my university responsibilities uninteresting.


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    posted by: kimikimkimster
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    Thursday, January 09, 2014

    Today's the first day of the winter term. And I'm late on my first day. My bus was 27 minutes late. Even though it's the first day of school, I didn't want to be late. The only problem that I had is I didn't get a very good seat in the classroom. I'm taking fundamentals of production, a business requirement. It's more loaded than I thought. There's also an optional lab for bonus marks. I don't know if I'll attend the lab though. Friday is more of a day off.

    I'm in a slump with my original stories and I'm not seeing any relief to continue. It's hard, because around this time of the month, I should've produced the next chapters. I'm trying though, but the creative juice is simply not flowing. I also am in a slump with the creative direction of one of my Internet projects. Simply speaking, I'm designing a fansite and I'm having a problem how to make it interesting.

    For today's life lesson, hmm... I'll just put it in a cryptic manner: you're not the only person that is 'struggling' in life.


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    Wednesday, January 08, 2014

    Wednesday, temperatures have improved. Now, if my sleep can also improve, that would be awesome. I went to work and I was relieved that it's just another simple shift. A short one too. I'm not complaining. It's still a long January, but I'm looking forward to February -- I'll tell you more about it on another date.

    I found out that my package from eBay just got pushed back to January 26, so the seller apologized for pushing back my shipment for 4 more weeks. It's a Heather figurine; Heather from Silent Hill 3. I'm a Silent Hill fan. I love playing scary videogames. So I'm looking at a February 26 date of receiving it. More reasons about looking forward to February. But man, 8 more weeks? Tsk.

    Today was simple and work was productive. It was actually more productive than yesterday. Now, it's time for school. Sigh, and my course starts at 6pm. I wish there was a daytime slot for my course so I can do stuff during the evening.

    Why is it always evenings? My responsibilities are always during the evening. Why?! Evenings are best for parties, but nooo... I have to go to work. If not, I have to go to school. I always go home past 10pm and-- again-- not from a date or from a party. Come on!


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    Tuesday, January 07, 2014

    We're on the 7th day of my 365 project. I plan to keep it going.

    I slept at 1am and woke up at 9am. I should've known better, and I actually should've slept later than 1am. Yep. Later than 1am. I found myself just lying on my bed until 1pm. I was bummed out and I didn't want to do anything, because I didn't want to go to work. I was still in denial that my vacation is over. Pretty immature of me. Anyway, I had lunch and read some manga until I got up at 3:30pm and headed to work at 4:18pm. My bus arrived at 4:25pm and I thought I was going to get late today. It's just the second shift of the year and I'm already getting late? Not good.

    The traffic was slow, because of all the snow. I started to wonder where will they put all this snow away? There's so much. Just getting to the bus stop was tricky. I had to plow through ~2 feet of snow with two layers of pants and my low-cut shoes. It truly felt like I was on a trip in the North pole. But hey, it wasn't that cold today. The temperature improved at -21c. Still cold, but I'm not complaining that much. As long as it's not -30c where the windchills are insane; today's windchill was a notch warmer, -29c. Now, it feels like -21c is nothing.

    I made it to work with 3 minutes to spare. I had to run from my bus stop to work, but I needed the cardio anyway. The shift only ran for 3 and a half hours, which was pretty sweet. I'm still readjusting, mind you. God answered my prayer. I prayed that I was still readjusting, and so I didn't get into the fray in full yet. It was also a very productive shift to be honest. I left the office at 8:50pm and here I am at home. I had spare ribs for dinner and a side of mashed potatoes. God's taking real good care of me. Tuesday's all easy and good, contrary to my own belief before going to work.

    Finally, I sent a message to my friend about my February plans. It's cheesy. I don't want to spoil it yet.


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    Monday, January 06, 2014

    I don't like the weather. The deep-freeze temperatures are insane. At least it stopped snowing. But still, it takes an awful lot of effort to just go to places. I commute, that means I don't have a car yet, and so walking outside on this harsh cold reminds me like I'm on a quest in Skyrim. My auntie posted a status on her Facebook, that she misses Japan, because it's simply cold here in Winnipeg. She's aiming to stay until she gets her permanent resident card. I hope the temperatures improve. It's fine if it's just -20c, but it's so cold this morning it dipped to -30c with a windchill reaching to -44c. It's just like yesterday.

    I learned that I should've paid my tuition fee at an earlier date, cause I could've stayed at home and kept warm. I need to correct my lazy self. And now that school's officially started, I think it's going to be hard revert to academic mode again. The good thing is, I like my schedule this term.

    Monday's relatively that: paid my tuition fee in the morning, went home to avoid getting frozen, and I played a lot of Mount and Blade Warband. I'm going to work tomorrow, so I can start saving money for going home. I expect to buy a plane ticket around this May.


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    Sunday, January 05, 2014

    After charging my cellphone, I turned it on and it said 12:00am right on cue. It was officially the start of the end of vacation. I went to sleep and I woke up around 8am. From then on, I only had a light sleep. I felt that I regret having missed my Saturday shift, December 21. Having missed that day made me learn a lot of things. Going to work today was not a lost, but it could've been avoided. First, there was only about 11 of us in the office; the fewest in my 5 years working there. The air felt dead and the office was really quiet. Second, going there was an effort with a windchill of -44c. 2014 is starting as one of the coldest so far. The forecast tells of -30c and a windchill of -41c, and I need to leave tomorrow morning to pay my tuition fee. Morning temperatures are really cold. Third, I could've gone to church today if I haven't missed my shift. Similarly with making it to the last Sunday of 2013, I didn't want to miss the first Sunday.

    Anyway, the day's done. I started reading a self-help book about self-publishing and I've learned a lot of things. From now on, I'm not going to spam about myself. They have to make sense at least and offer a lesson. I can only think of a few life lessons from today. Don't put off work you can do today. Also, hard work now will pay off in the future. This also refers to the fact that I could've paid off my tuition fee last week, but I was still too hung over from the holidays. And now, I have to brave through the cold temperature again tomorrow morning. I need to go there early, because I bet a lot of people will be paying their fees too. I just want to get it over with.


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    Saturday, January 04, 2014

    The temperature outside isn't so bad. It's around -24c, but this freezing temperature is fairly exhausting. Yesterday wasn't really cold at all. It was -9c, but the snow was falling hard. I think I surprised my body from shoveling the snow yesterday, because now my back hurts. I'm just chilling out this Saturday and trying to prepare myself back to work tomorrow. I'll be saying goodbye to my savings on Monday, because it's time to pay for my tuition fee. And when it's all paid, there's no other choice but to fully accept that the vacation is finally over.


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    Friday, January 03, 2014

    No stopping me now. I received an email that they cancelled my Saturday shift and no, I'm not disappointed, I'm really happy. Even though that I have a Sunday shift, it's fine. But I was hoping that they'd cancel my Sunday shift too. Hey, what's there to complain?

    The snow is just piling up. We're in for another winter storm warning. We've just had a storm last year, just recently, December 28, 2013. Approximately 6 days later, another winter storm. Gah. When will it stop? Endure. Endure.

    It's just me and my dad right now. Now that the holidays are finally over, it's back to reality. Truth be told, I still have the holiday hangover.

    Gears of War is pretty good. I can't believe I've just been ignoring this series for a long time. The freebies of having bots is fun too. It's a fine feature. For me, any shooter that has bots gets my full attention. I play multiplayer too, but developers exerting their effort to add bot functionality to their game makes me their customer. Loving customer, that is. I mean look at Unreal Tournament, Killzone, and even the COD Ghosts! I bought COD Ghosts first for the PS4 before Battlefield 4, because of this. That way I'll be occupied while saving for the BF4 and possibly Drive Club.

    I just bought Ys: Memories of Celcetta. It looks clean and straightforward. Clean, meaning, it's not cluttered. It looks interesting. I'm staying tuned.

    Sigh. I still don't want to go back to reality.


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    Thursday, January 02, 2014

    I've officially started working on my own videogame RPG. I've also started meeting with other people about our June project about starting our own server for an old MMO. We're to assemble a team before February and have everything ironed out then. It is still merely just a plan, and there is nothing concrete yet. But I have to pray about it. However, this server is just going to be a hobby and not a business venture. I'm fine with that.

    Anyway, it has been really cold today, as cold as -53c, colder than the uninhabited planet Mars. This is Winnipeg, I wonder why. Yesterday, it was colder than North Pole. I'm glad that I don't have work today. My mom left for work around the afternoon, so it wasn't that bad. But my auntie left around 6am, where the windchill was very cold. I felt bad for her. I just stayed indoors. I just want to stay indoors for the mean time until I get bored. I keep telling myself, just survive January, and everything will be alright.


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    Wednesday, January 01, 2014

    My 365 project starts now. To make up for the many days of writing, it's back to basic for me. I'll write one entry per day, and they'll be found across all my boards. It's really like writing a journal. Blog posts are apart from this. Entries labeled blog posts will be lengthier and more detailed. I've decided to do this 365-project test my writing skill on the spot and try my patience. It's all part of growing up as an aspiring writer.

    It's January 1. I've told my new year's prayers. I'm looking forward to this new year. Gotta try a lot of new things. Just like 2013, expect great things to come this year. It's going to get really quiet for a few days since the holidays are over. Back to reality, huh? It's all good.


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